Educational Magnetic Stick Toy For Kids Magnet Building Blocks Toys

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Toys-Building & Construction-8025
  • Brand Name:mamadada
  • Age Range:7-9Y,13-14Y,>14Y,10-12Y
  • Model Number:magnetic sticks toys
  • Material:Plastic
  • Pieces:50pcs or 100pcs
  • product name:assemblage magnetic sticks kits
  • sold mode:50pcs/100pcs
  • colors:colorful(sent by randomly)
  • age group:6 years and up
  • feactures:DIY, handmade, Intelligence Toys, educational
  • toys style:game toy, magic kits & accessories, Preschool Pre-kindergarte toy
  • Function 1:Raising intelligence quotient IQ, enhance to the color cognition
  • Function 2:Can build many kinds of models: house, building, ships and so on
  • Classification:Magnetic

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50pcs/100pcs Magnetic Building Blocks Bars Toys Accessories Designer Construction Toys Learning Educational DIY Building Sticks

About Accessories Detials:

Magnetic Sticks Bar has 50pcs, 100pcs

Random Color

Without Metal Balls, Please note.

Magnetic toy is mainly composed of various shapes with magical magnetic plastc rod with magnetic suction balls. The one and only because of the magnetic connection type and powerful modeling construction anility by top international children education experts high evaluation. Agreed that "the hundred years encounter inaccessibly,train and exercise the child intellectual and emotional growth best toys in the toy industry, will produce a strong earthquake and revolution!


  • Raising the child's intelligence quotient IQ.
  • Magnetic toys can build many kinds of complex architectural modelingand model, such as: house, building, ships and various chemical, molecular models, in the construction process, need children serious brain and to realize model of stress analysis and conception analysis!
  • Children hands-on exercise and coordination: magnetic toys can be a family or several small partners to cooperate to realize to complete the toy, can cultivate children between the team consciousness, communicate with each other and with the children and their parents, enhance feelings.
  • At the same time, the toy is dynamic linking, children need careful patient, and most children have ADHD problems, so this game to make up! When playing process, they can be achieved through different color to match, enhance to the color cognition ability.
  • Through efforts to achieve the ideal of exquisite shape, to enhance the child's sense of accomplishment!
  • Can be the perfect child teaching and learning tool: Magnetic toys can construct a variety of children learn knowledge becoms much earier!



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