Battery Charger Power Adapter Us Plug For Nokia BL-4C BL-5C BL-6C BL-5B

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Inpou:AC100-240V 50/60Hz 150mA 
Output: DC4.2V 600mA
USB Output: DC5.2V 1250mA
LCD Indicator Universal Charger for All Kind of Lithium Batteries(32mm<=width<=66mm)
Connecter: US Plug
-Intelligent dedicated battery charger with USB output.
-When the battery is fully charged, automatically stop charging.
-Safety cut out circuit, Built-in protection circuit prevents overcharging.
-Constant current,constant voltage charging,automatic identification.
-The high-quality LCD screen indicates connection and full charge.
-Also convenient to interchange your spare batteries.
-Use the data line which corresponds to a mobile phone can be charged directly to the phone.
-Intelligent Chip: The smart chip protects from short circuit and overload by regulating voltage an ensuring a high-efficiency charge. 
How does it work?
1. Place your battery under the clip with battery contacts facing pins.
2. Line up your battery's positive and negative contacts to the pins.
A: Most batteries are labeled positive (+) and negative (-).
B: If yours is not, start with the outside contacts.
3. Slide the battery until both pins are touching the battery contacts.
A: The LCD will light up if it has a good connection.
B: If not, adjust the pins and try again.
4. The battery is fully charged when the LCD shows four solid bars. 
Package Included:
1 x  US Plug Charger
-Do not plug the charger into the wall outlet yet.
-Align YIBOYUAN's Connect pins with the contacts on your battery.
-For batteries with more than 2 contact points, start with the two outer contacts(leftmost and the rightmost contacts).
-Now slide your battery into YIBOYUAN's pins.Make sure YIBOYUAN's contact pins are touching the contacts on your battery.
-"LCD" light indicates the good connection, you have setup the charger correctly for this battery.
-If the "LCD" lights do not indicate good connection, slide to another battery connection.(not all batteries will work, this charges approx 90% all digital camera, cell phone, and other music batteries)
-Now plug the universal battery only charger into a wall outlet.
-The "LCD" light will start flashing while the battery being charged.If it's not flashing it's not charging!
-The "FULL" LCD light will indicate a fully charged battery.
-Totally dead batteries will not be seen or charged passing

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